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Message from the Assistant Artistic Director

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It is my absolute pleasure to be starting out another year with MABELLEarts, alongside MABELLEartists and Etobicoke residents who have been deeply inspiring me throughout my three years with our organization. I'm especially honoured to be stepping into a new role as Assistant Artistic Director this year, thanks to generous support from The Metcalf Foundation. 

This last year has been an incredible whirlwind of meeting people, sharing meals, digging holes, planting, swinging, singing, exploring and building together in two Central Etobicoke neighbourhoods. This February, we start off our 2017/18 season by welcoming back the Sewing Room and, as the weather gets a little warmer, getting ready to launch a series of Community Meals/Meetups for Mabelle and West Mall residents. 

Blowing bubbles at the park!

This coming year is our second adventure working in two parks at the same time, with projects under-way at both Mabelle and Broadacres Park. Last summer, we were lucky enough to work with over 700 people from both neighbourhoods - and we are excited to welcome many of those families back, as well as make new connections to new residents in the coming months. 

In order for our little organization to continue to grow and offer free outdoor programming to these two neighbourhoods and a growing number of people, we need your support! Please consider giving to MABELLEarts as we launch the start of our Spring/Summer season and begin to build and imagine beautiful things for Etobicoke Public Spaces. We can't do it without you! 

Become a MABELLEmember and your monthly gift will help keep arts accessible in central Etobicoke.

Singing at Mabelle Park!

We are looking for leaders just like you to help us keep arts accessible in central Etobicoke.  Your automatic monthly gift will provide Etobicoke residents access to high-calibre art and culture in the heart of where they live.  Your gift will also allow residents to play an increased leadership roles in determining programming in their parks. MABELLEarts also ensures that relevant cultural traditions and forms are celebrated and shared in the Mabelle Park and Broadacres Park.

Your monthly gift is the best way to give to MABELLEarts:

Omar cooking at the fireplace in Mabelle Park
  • It is an easy and convenient for you to give.  Your gift will be made through your bank or credit card.

  • It is cost-effective for MABELLEarts because we can reduce the volume of the mail we send- helping to keep administrative costs to a minimum. 

  • It is easy to start, change or suspend your gift at anytime.

  • It is a stable and reliable source of funding for MABELLEarts, allowing us to plan into the future.

Join our monthly giving program.

Join us by making a monthly commitment to MABELLEarts.  You can It's easy to give with our safe and secure online form,  by mail using our mail-in enrolment form, or by sending us post-dated cheques.  For more information, please contact our Development Manager, Daven, at 416-239-4900 or

Mark Your Calendars! 

Sewing Room
with Marianne Alas and Faten Toubasi
Every Tuesday in February 10 AM - 3 PM
MABELLEarts Studio 5005 Dundas Street West (buzz 357)

Giver Get Together: Spring Edition
Thursday March 30, 2017
6:30 PM- 8:30 PM Location TBD

MABELLE Iftar Nights n are supported by the Inspirit Foundation. eid al Fitr in Mabelle Park is made possible thanks tothe Community Fund for Canada’s 150th, a collaboration between The Toronto Foundation, the Government of Canada, and extraordinary leaders from coast to coast to coast.

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