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MABELLEmusings: A Letter from Leah

For the past few years we’ve been exploring collaborative possibilities with artists in the Global South. Last year we welcomed Nepali-Canadian academic Sujata Thapa to our Board of Directors and began imagining Nepal as an ideal place to build new relationships.  A short trip to Nepalfuelled by the Toronto Foundation’s Vital People Award made it possible to visit and get a sense of what might be possible.  While there, Sujata introduced me to internationally-recognized performance artist Ashmina Ranjit.  Ashmina has been working to develop new forms of support forNepali artists as part of LASANAA - a group of artists and activists interested in social change.  Her latest project, NexUs, is a cafe, guest house and social enterprise supporting local and international artist residencies that bring together artists from a range of backgrounds to create new work that promotes social transformation.  Read more...

Leah Houston in Nepal
Mask-making in Nepal


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For the past five years, MABELLEarts has been working with Muslim residents to create inter-cultural Iftar celebrations in the Mabelle Park.  Iftar is the meal eaten during Ramadan (a month of fasting and religious observance) that breaks the daily fast.  Traditionally, after a day of fasting, families would come together to enjoy a special meal.  After the meal, many would come out to the market place to eat traditional snacks and greet their neighbours.  Over the years MABELLEarts has worked with residents to recreate this public celebration in the Mabelle Park. With your help, this year’s Iftar celebrations will be bigger and better than ever.  For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Daven.

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MABELLEarts cordially invites you to our Giver Get Together on Thursday March 30th at 6:30 PM.  We want to celebrate our generous supporters, donors, stakeholders and partners.  Join us for an evening of delicious food, fun arts activities and live music.  
This event is complimentary.  

Please RSVP by Friday March 25, 2017.

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