How to find Mabelle Park

mabelle park map.jpg

Parking: Paid Street Parking on Mabelle Avenue 

Subway instructions: 

EoSP_13_The Decorated Park.jpg

1.  Take the Bloor Line to Islington Station

2.  Exit Islington subway.  You should find yourself on the northwest side on Islington Ave. 

3.  Keep walking north until you come to a door and blue stairway under a bridge

4.  Walk through the door and up the stairs. 

5.  Cross the parking lot construction you now find yourself in the midst of.  You'll end up on Mabelle Ave. 

6.  Head north on Mabelle Avenue to the Mabelle Park, which is on the East side of Mabelle Avenue across from 49 Mabelle Avenue.

Contact Us for more info or if you have any trouble finding the park