Introducing our new Community Arts Coordinators: Azka and Sonya

We are delighted to welcome two Community Arts Coordinators to our summer team: Azka Coudhary and Sonya Zhang. Over the past few weeks, Azka and Sonya have already been playing key roles in helping produce our weekly Iftar Nights: in the second half of the summer, they'll be working closely with teams of MABELLEyouth, leading workshops in Mabelle and Broadacres Park. 

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Azka Choudhary

Azka recently graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University and Nipissing University, with a double degree: a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education. She has extensive experience working with youth in a variety of settings and is an advocate for social justice and change, particularly within the education realm. Next year, she will be pursuing graduate studies at OISE: her interests lay in deconstructing the obstacles encountered by immigrant and refugee students in their journey through Ontario’s education system. She hopes to foster growth by using a hands-on and cognizant approach to art-based activities, particularly photography. 

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Sonya Zhang

Sonya is passionate about exploring art as a medium for social change and its ability to create a more informed and engaged society. She currently serves as the President of Ink Movement, a youth-run nonprofit organization based in the Peel Region which seeks to provide youth with a platform to explore themselves through publishing projects, conferences, and workshops. Next year, Sonya will be attending Western University to pursue a degree in Media and Business. She hopes to continue to explore her diverse interests, from art, to entrepreneurship, to community involvement. 

Azka and Sonya's positions are generously funded by Canada Summer Jobs (an initiative of the Summer Work Experience program)