Join us for Welcome To This Place in Broadacres Park!

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MABELLEarts is pleased to welcome you to join us for an outdoor night market: a performative celebration of our summer in Broadacres Park, Mabelle Park and across the country. Come out enjoy an evening of exchanging stories, songs, delicious treats and more! Free! 

This event marks the culmination of the Toronto portion of Welcome to this Placea national project, produced by MABELLEarts, involving high-impact organizations and professional artists in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg and Vancouver.  Together throughout the summer, we've been creating a series of collaborative projects and events that promote urban parks and public spaces as places of arrival where newcomers to Canada can find friendship, cultural and creative expression, connection to their new country and to more established Canadians. 

Directions to find us in Broadacres Park can be found HERE

Featured Artists: 

Waleed Abdulhamid
Aria Evans
Melanie Fernandez-Alvares
Faten Toubasi
Marianne Alas
Hussein Janmohamed
Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone
Alejandra Nunez
Samidha Joglekar
Latasha Lennox
The Gather Round Singers
Julia Tribe
Jamee Valin
and guest artists from across the country! 

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