Park of Many Paths



Our ongoing park transformation project on Mabelle Avenue involves artists, architects, gardeners, cooks and builders to work with Mabelle residents of all ages to re-imagine, transform and animate the Mabelle Park, located in the heart of the Mabelle neighbourhood. 

Broadacres Park


MABELLEarts is branching out to begin a new multi-year project in the West Mall neighbourhood/Broadacres Park. Our Show Us A Shiny Thing project in summer 2016 was our first inter-arts community consultation process to begin determining the design and use of the West Mall Park.  Read more here.  

Community Leaders


MABELLEarts provides ongoing honoraria and wages to youth and adult community members to participate as interns and leaders in our various projects. Community Leaders include the Mabelle Ladies Cooking Circle and Mobile Mabelle Youth Leaders. 



MABELLEarts has been invited to spark and support projects community arts projects all over the world.  Our most recent project sparked community arts collaboration in Kathmandu, Nepal.  In 2018 we hope to launch our first ever National project in urban parks across Canada.

Jumblies Studio


As contributors of the Jumblies Studio, we participate in a range of ongoing professional development and training initiatives that offer staff, emerging artists and artists interested in cultivating a community practice the opportunity to learn new skills and strengthen their work.

Revitalization Redefined


MABELLEarts offers consultancy services to emerging community organizations and large non-profits committed to creating inclusive outdoor neighbourhood hubs. Please contact us for more information!